Proactive Disclosure - Strategies To Encourage Contact
There is another way to get to the truth for all of us, and that's what this book is all about. I call it Proactive Disclosure, where we, the public, take the task of getting to the truth into our own hands. Where thousands of people gain access to evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt showing we are not alone. Where we do not depend on the authorities to honestly come clean with what they do or do not know about UFOs. Where we reach useful disclosure on our own, proactively.

Project Blue Book - Revisited... YouTube Channel
If you want to learn things like:

  • How many countries have reports in Project BB? - 33 (including the US)
  • How of these reports were from pilots or air crew actually in flight?
  • How many sightings were shorter than 1 minute long
  • How many sightings coincided with the Washington DC flap of 1952?
  • What is ratio between military and civilian sightings?
  • What is ratio between multi-witness and single witness sightings?

How to Investigate UFOs using your Smart Phone: Tools, tips, tricks and cutting-edge UFO investigation techniques
The tool you carry with you almost everywhere is the most powerful UFO investigation tool that we have ever had. Between the normal apps on the phone and some to download, you can fully document any UFO case you might ever investigate. Compass, recorders, GPS apps, text/dictation apps, angle of view, and so much more. These tools will assist you in getting solid, scientific evidence with which to document anomalous sightings and strange events. Get this book and learn what all is possible...

UFO-Track Magazine
New and interesting articles to help the UFO investigators out there determine what they are really seeing. Interesting insights and real tools to help us with disclosure.

Two-Camera UFO Analysis Article
Here is a Decisive and Convincing Way to Prove Some Extraordinary Claims - Article by John Clark Craig

Magnetic Anomaly Detector Box - The Little Black Box
If you want to receive warning about possible UFO sightings in your area - get on the waiting list to be get the magnetic anomaly detector device invented by John Clark Craig.

Not all UFOs cxreate electro-magnetic, barometric, or seismic disturbances, but according to historic UFO reports many do. This detector is designed to detect, therefore alert you to the presence of something odd happening in your area. The intent is to alert you, so that you can go outside with a camera (or two) and get amazing images of the potentially amazing events happening around you!

Interview with Professor Simon
Why are old UFO photos so good. How to escape the L.I.Z. low information zone. With John C Craig - UFO investigator, Python Developer, photographer and Author. Watch Professor Simon's interview with John. See more Professor Simon at

UFO-Track - T-shirts and more
Fun and thought-provoking t-shirts, sweatshirts and more.

If you have a suggestion for a new shirt, let us know!

Contact UFO-Track
UFO-Track is a science-based operation that teaches people how to methodically research UFO sightings and record the information. You can contact us here if you would like to know more or to find out where to report your sighting.

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