Lewis and Clark documented these small gray guys with big heads

What would it take to alert people to the presence of UFOs?

We are developing a network of smart phone apps designed to detect the presence of UFOs based on well-documented magnetic anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field. These free apps will sound an alarm for the user, but we've taken this concept much further, taking advantage of today's best socially interactive web capabilities.

As UFO events are detected, they are reported to a web site where anyone can see them on an interactive map of the world. App users and Track Members within a short distance of each event will automatically receive a text message alert, so they can grab their camera, cell phone, or other equipment and get outside to verify to real-time sighting.

Stay tuned, as we are now back on "track" with our goals, and we'll soon be ready to launch this exciting and potentially Earth-changing project!

Click on "Latest Data" above to see a sample of the interactive map.

Will you be ready?

Please note: The free app is nearing completion, and this
website is in development. Please check back often!
Thank you!