Newsletter No. 4 - December 17, 2013

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Approximately once each week the UFO-Track™ newsletter concisely keeps you up to date with a summary of the most important data from the UFO-Track project. We also provide snippets and links to a sampling of interesting or important UFO sightings around the country and around the Earth, current news of fireballs, space sciences tidbits, a summary of astronomical data, and a quick informational topic called “John’s Investigator Corner” designed to encourage a scientific and rational approach to the subject of UFOs.

Feel free to read all the sections, or to skip to your favorites. Be sure to let us know of any significant or interesting news, links, or topics you’d like to share with everyone. Above all, keep your eyes to the skies, and enjoy the ride!

UFO-Track results

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UFOs in the news

Area 51 - now even the president admits it exists

Recently in a speech, President Obama acknowledged the existence of Area 51. Although it's been photographed from space, and from distant mountian tops, and people have been arrested for crossing beyond the boundaries marked by very serious signage, no government officials have acknowledged that Area 51 exists at all, until now. So, as we highly suspected all along, Area 51 does exist. Now the question to be answered is exactly what does go on at Area 51? How many more presidents will come and go before we know any more than we do right now? Only time will tell.

John Podesta is pushing for disclosure about UFOs

At a 2002 news conference organized by Coalition for Freedom of Information, John Podesta stated that, "It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon." John Podesta is now an advisor to President Obama, so there is some hope that progress may be made towards full disclosure of UFO information to the public.

There's a new show on the Animal Planet Network, premiering on Sunday, December 15th, called Uncovering Aliens. A team of four researchers are out to investigate places around the country where rumors of UFOs, and of possible Black Ops operations of a related nature are taking place. The team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, so there's bound to be some interesting dialog and tension as they research the subject in their own ways and with their unique backgrounds and biases. Let's hope the show stays honest and scientific, instead of bowing to the pressure by producers to introduce drama just for its own sake.

(Credit: CBS 6 WTVR)

On december 9th, CBS cameras were rolling, covering a news story near the East End Henrico landfill in the Richmond, Virginia area, when something unexpectedly streaked across the sky in the background. Many viewers asked the station to explain the object.

Tim Hawkins, the head of photography at CBS 6 did finally provide an answer, and it provides a good learning point to prevent possible future misidentifications. The camera was set for a slow shutter speed, and the film was sped up during playback. The streak is simply an airplane in the dusky evening sky, filmed in an unusual way.

Fireball news

A lot of witnesses heard and saw this
meteor, and now they are looking for
possible meteorite fragments

About supper time last Tuesday many residents of Tucson, Arizona heard a loud boom as a meteor crossed over their area. At least one dash-cam video was recorded, and you can watch it in this CNN news article.

According to this article in the Arizona Daily Star Robert Ward from the Chicago Field Museum was asking residents all around Tucson to keep their eyes out for vauable meteorite fragments that likely landed about 7:11 pm on December 10th, local time.

To see a map and detailed listing of this fireball as reported by 89 different witnesses, visit the AMS web site to see event #3224.

Space news

China soft lands on the Moon

The first soft landing on the Moon by any country since 1976 was accomplished by China this week. A nice video of the landing can be found here, and a picture of the "Jade Rabbit" rover, ready to start rolling and exploring, can be seen in this news article. The rover is expected to spend a year traveling around the Moon, starting from the Bay of Rainbows area where it landed, measuring the Moon's crust thickness and collecting other scientific data.

Blue false-color areas show where clay was detected on Europa

Clay mineral deposits have been found on the surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa by NASA's Galileo Mission. This is a very strong sign that organic materials are also on Europa, and this increases the odds that life might be found in the oceans beneath Eupropa's icy crust. Complete coverage is on the SciTechDaily site.

John's Investigator Corner

Magnetic fields are a type of force field, and electric fields are a different type of force field. They are not at all the same thing, but they are closely related. In fact, one of the foundations of physics is the concept that a changing magnetic field creates a changing electric field, and a changing electric field creates a changing magnetic field.

This concept is used in electric generators and electric motors of all types, but more importantly this interaction of magnetic and electric fields explains exactly what electromagnetic radiation is comprised of. A collapsing magnetic field creates an electric field, which in turn begins to collapse which creates a new magnetic field. These oscillations into and out of existence of each of these types of fields propagates through space at the speed of light. This is exactly what light is - electromagnetic radiation.

There are many types of electromagnetic radiations, and each type is defined by the frequency of those oscillating fields. Red light oscillates slower than blue light, and all the visible light frequencies are contained in a tiny band of all the possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiations. There are too many types of these radiations to cover here, but they run the gamut from low frequency radio waves, to infra-red radiation, to visible light, to x-rays, and gamma rays. Each of the many types of electromagnetic radiations has characteristics that make them useful, or sometimes dangerous.

A well grounded understanding of electromagnetic radiations in all the frequency bands and types is very useful in UFO studies. Consider spending some time reading up on this subject to become more knowledgeable, perhaps online with Wikipedia, or by finding an old physics textbook. When looked at in the right light, this subject is very interesting, and the knowledge gained can be quite useful for understanding UFOs and their effects on the environment around them.

UFO Website of the Week

UFO lands in Paris - coverage at

This week take a look at Educating Humanity. This site provides a wide variety of UFO related topics and write-ups, covering subjects as diverse as disclosure, what other countries are doing about UFOs, documentaries on the subject, and UFO sightings in history. Spend some time on this site and you'll be amazed at the variety of timely subjects.

Heavens-Above A great way to check out Iridium flares and overflights of the ISS (International Space Station) in your neck of the woods, or anywhere on Earth for that matter. Iridium flares and the ISS are sometimes reported as UFOs due to their amazing and fascinating appearance in the sky. Plan your next satellite viewing party, or check out sightings with this great tool.

Wolfram Alpha This site provides a vast amount of useful data for UFO researchers. What time did the sun set or rise? What was the phase of the moon and how high was it in the sky on a given date at a given location? What is the latitude and longitude of a sighting?

Sky Data Was the moon in the sky at the time and place of a sighting? How about Jupiter or Saturn? We’ve created a handy, and very accurate, easy to use software tool for UFO investigations, to help clear the air of any questions about exactly which of the visible planets, the moon, and the sun were visible.

Google Maps and Bing Maps are great resources for working with a witness to determine the location (latitude and longitude) of a sighting.

UFO investigator toolkit Here’s a list of some tools that serious UFO field investigators may find handy. Keep any of all of these items handy in a quick-grab box or bag so you’ll be ready to go on an investigation at a moments notice.

Mufon is a good organization to join if you want to learn more about UFOs. You’ll keep up to date with the latest sightings in your part of the country as well as around the world. Mufon’s field investigator training is very worthwhile.

Nuforc The National UFO Reporting Center is “Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data”, providing a great resource for serious investigators.

National UFO Center This web site is the home for George Filer, with over two million hits in October. Consider signing up for his weekly newsletter here, called “Filer’s Files”.

Roger Marsh Another good source of recent sightings information, Roger’s Examiner articles help you keep up to date with the latest. The Examiner articles have recently become overloaded with intrusive advertising, but if you don’t mind wading through them Roger’s information is good.

Fireballs The American Meteor Society provides a list of very up-to-date fireball sightings reports. If there’s any chance a UFO sighting might actually be a meteor entering the atmosphere, or vice versa, this site can help sort out the details.


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